The 2016 AP Preseason Football Poll, and Other Notables
Aug 21st, 2016 by 89 Chemistry

  • When does an exhibition game matter?   It matters when Spartans defeat Gulos!
  • The 65-59 Detroit Tigers won today.
  • (Someone else can provide Draymond Green’s stats from today’s Olympic Gold Medal win of Team USA; I could not find them.   I only know that he scored two points.)
  • Sports Illustrated–you know, the magazine that cursed Jim Harbaugh with a cover declaring Michigan football Playoff-bound?   Well, one of their writers predicts the Gulos will finish third in the B1G East Division; MSU will be co-Division Champ with OSU; and OSU will advance due to tiebreaker rules.
  • The foregoing mentioned the MSU – Notre Dame game as key for both teams.   The early prognosis was that this would be MSU’s toughest game on the schedule.   Fallout from some recent gallivanting may make the game tougher for the Irish.
  • The AP Poll begins with the Spartans ranked 12th; the Buckeyes & Gulos 6th & 7th; and seven teams with at least one first-place vote (including one each for the Buckeyes & Gulos).
  • Graham Couch argues that the Spartans’ preseason rankings are not a sign of disrespect so much as acknowledgment of how much Spartan awesomeness from 2015 is not suiting up for the Green and White this year.   While his narrative may be cringe-worthy at times, we have to admit he has made progress since writing, “Kirk Cousins isn’t even close [to being the best college QB in the state of Michigan]”.
Will Home Cooking get the Tigers to the Post-Season?
Aug 14th, 2016 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The Tigers head home after beating the Texas Rangers 7-0 on Sunday to take the 3-game series 2-1.  The Tigers are 1.5 games behind (Boston, then Baltimore) for the wildcard spot and 5 behind Cleveland for 1st in the Central Division of the American League.  This road trip finishes on a up note after going 0-3 in Seattle.  Michael Fulmer pitched today’s complete game shutout on 112 pitches.  Twelve over the industry standard and universally accepted and approved by experts throughout the industry single game pitch-count of 100.

With 45 games remaining the Tigers hold one distinct advantage over the teams they are chasing.  They have played the most road games (at this juncture) of any team in either league (63) and finish the season with 27 at home and 18 on the road.  At 33-21 the Tigers have the 4th best home record in the AL.  Of the 45 games remaining 14 games are against Boston, Baltimore and Cleveland.  Only a three game set – against Cleveland – will be on the road. In all the other remaining games the Tigers will play an opponent with a sub .500 record (KC, Twins, ChiSox, Angels & Braves) The downside is that seven games are against Cleveland and the Indians own the Tigers so far this season (11-1).  The Indians will finish with a handful more home games than road games. The Red Sox finish with 30 road games and 16 home games. The Orioles finish with 25 at home and 21 on the road.

It looks to me that despite a boat-load of injury’s and a material majority of games played away from home – the Tigers control their destiny.

Do you agree?

And What Do you Think of The Rio 2016 Olympics To-Date
Aug 13th, 2016 by Jeffrey Lubeck

We are at the mid-point (Day 8 of 16) of the RIO 2016 Olympics.

Your thoughts and observations?

Home Opener
Aug 4th, 2016 by Trophy

Home Opener in 4 weeks.  Anybody going?   Anyone up for golf at Forest Akers on Thursday?


July Closes–Tigers On A Tear–Dancing Bear Goes Bare
Jul 31st, 2016 by Kindle


This is not the Snapchat photo Draymond Green posted of himself but it represents the opinion of many who are getting a bit tired of this Spartan who seemingly has been touched by the Johnny Manziel virus. Hopefully there is an antidote.

You had not heard of this?  See the story here.


Moving on….

The Detroit Tigers swept two good teams, the Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros. The Tigers and Red Sox now share the same number of wins and the Astros are sitting farther back in second place behind the Texas Rangers in the AL West.

But, before the two series, both teams had better records than the Tigers. With the Trade Deadline upon them, there is no sign that the Tigers are going to do any trading and many now believe there really is no reason why they should.

The gap between the Indians and Tigers continues to be 4.5 games because the Indians continue winning. But, the Tigers are only one team and two games away from being the AL Wild Card team. The Tigers have closed this gap while missing  J.D. Martinez, and Jordan Zimmermann.

As we roll into August I am staying tuned.

Tigers – A Chance and Any Deadline Moves?
Jul 26th, 2016 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Chris Sale stopped by the other day.  He immediately walked into the master bedroom and my T-Shirt Drawer.  Sale took out some scissors and tried to cut up my TUS World Tour 2012 Polo, VCU Havoc, Manistee and ATLSpartan T-Shirts.  I was able to stop him.

So what about the Tigers as the July 31st Trading Deadline approaches?  Do they have a chance at the post-season?  And if so do they make any trades?

Forever Spartan Mike Sadler Killed in Wisconsin Car Crash
Jul 24th, 2016 by Kindle

Nebraska punter Sam Foltz and former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler were killed Saturday returning from a kicking camp in Wisconsin.

Foltz and Sadler died in a single-car crash at 11:43 p.m. CT, according to a Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department statement. Sadler was driving the car, the sheriff’s department said.

LSU kicker Colby Delahoussaye was also in the vehicle at the time of the crash, according to police. He was taken to Waukesha Memorial Hospital for treatment. Tigers sports information director Michael Bonnette told ESPN that Delahoussaye needed stitches and suffered burns to his legs.

The sheriff’s department said the car lost control on wet pavement, left the road and struck a tree. Speed appears to have played a role in the crash, according to the department, which added that the incident remains under investigation.

Foltz and Sadler had been serving as student instructors at Kohl’s Kicking Camp in Wales, Wisconsin, according to a camp spokesman.


Sadler, who started at MSU from 2011-14, was also the school’s first four-time Academic All-American. The Grand Rapids native attended Forrest Hills Northern High School. He was set to start at Stanford Law School in the fall.

Sadler finished his MSU career ranked among the football program’s all-time leaders in punts (second with 268), punting yards (second with 11,307) and punting average (sixth at 42.2), according to 


Mark Dantonio pays tribute to Mike Sadler.



Fresh Newsprint: July 20, 2016
Jul 20th, 2016 by 89 Chemistry

A couple of items mentioning Spartan Football have caught my attention.   Both are summarized in their webpage titles, and share a theme:

Enter the Dog Days of Summer
Jul 5th, 2016 by Jeffrey Lubeck

My birthday (June 30) has passed.  The Fourth of July and its associated parades and fireworks is now in the books. For me it can only mean The Dog Days of Summer now begin in earnest.

The 2nd weekend of Wimbledon is upon us, with the Baseball All-Star Game next. Humidity drenched football camps for professional and college and art/junk fairs in August represent the height of Dog Days.

What do Dog Days look and feel like to you?

Wednesday’s Mixed Bag–Denzels Stick Together & More
Jun 29th, 2016 by Kindle

Denzel Washington will star in the remake of The Magnificent Seven. Denzel Valentine was actually named after the “Training Day,” “Hurricane,” “Crimson Tide” star.

Actor Denzel Washington tracked down MSU’s Denzel Valentine.

Joe Rexrode wrote THIS two days before Pat Summitt died.

@EliasSports reports the #Tigers won yesterday despite allowing 16 hits and committing 3 E’s. Just the second X in the last 55 years they did that. (’96 at Milw.)

Stefan Bondy@SBondyNYDN Jun 27
Draymond Green on Warriors potentially getting Durant: “I’ve always been taught that you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse.”


Hondo Carpenter@HondoCarpenter Jun 27
ICONIC MSU & NFL Legend Jimmy Raye was on Spartan Nation Radio Last Week. Missed it? Here It Is on Podcast! …


Magic Johnson’s first commercial from 1980.

MSU’s Sam Weatherhead Wins 105th Michigan Amateur Golf Championship

My favorite Buddy Ryan quotes:

On observers trying to simplify the 46 defense:
“Some say the 46 is just an eight-man front. That’s like saying Marilyn Monroe is just a girl.”

On Eagles running back Earnest Jackson:

“Trade him for a six pack; It doesn’t even have to be cold.”
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