Reinvented Arizona, Michigan State open in Armed Forces Classic – Game Thread
November 11th, 2016 by Jeffrey Lubeck


Well the regular season starts tonight.  Given all of the changes (both teams), injuries (both teams) and suspensions (Arizona) who knows what to expect.  Arizona is down to 8 scholarship players.  MSU has lost its two starting forwards.

The preview from MSUSpartans is [here].

The preview from the Arizona Wildcats is [here].

The preview from Stats Inc. is below.

The Arizona-Michigan State game is one of the top matchups on college basketball’s opening weekend. And it’s almost impossible to say how it will play out.

The 10th-ranked Wildcats and No. 12 Spartans are national powerhouses just starting the process of reinventing their rosters, while dealing with injuries and other concerns, as they tip off their seasons Friday night from Honolulu in the Armed Forces Classic, beginning at 7 p.m. ET.

“They have some new guys, they have some old guys,” Michigan State coach Tom Izzo said of Arizona. “Where we are a little bit weak right now is that our old guys don’t have as much experience as theirs. But I like our new guys a lot.”

Arizona has four new starters, including two true freshman starters — guard Rawle Alkins and power forward Lauri Markkanen, a 3-point shooter and NBA lottery prospect who was the team’s leading scorer with 21 points in its final exhibition game against Chico State on Sunday.

Izzo is set to unleash what is called his finest recruiting class, a four-man group led by wing Miles Bridges, who had 53 points and 15 rebounds in two exhibition games. Forward Nick Ward and guard Cassius Winston will be key parts of the rotation, and guard Joshua Langford is expected to play after missing both exhibitions due to a hamstring injury.

Michigan State — also replacing four starters from last season — will be without big men Ben Carter and Gavin Schilling due to knee injuries. That leaves Ward, at 6-8, as the team’s tallest player.

Arizona, meanwhile, will be without returning leader scorer Allonzo Trier due to reported ongoing eligibility issues; coach Sean Miller has not commented on those. The Wildcats also lost redshirt freshman forward Ray Smith to a third ACL injury during the first exhibition. He has retired from basketball.

Miller was down to seven scholarship players in the second exhibition but said sophomore post player Chance Comanche should be good to go after serving a suspension due to academics. Comanche (6-11) joins a front line that includes 7-footer Markkanen, 7-foot center Dusan Ristic and 6-9 forward Keanu Pinder, a junior college transfer.

“With Chance, we’re a much different team,” Miller said. “You can’t underestimate 6-foot-11, offensive rebounder, defensive rebounder, the ability to give us great size and depth up front.”

Between the teams, as many as seven true freshmen are expected to see significant minutes.

As for the returnees, Arizona has senior combo guard Kadeem Allen, a defensive ace who averaged 8.4 points per game last season. Ristic, a junior, is a skilled low-post scorer. Junior Parker Jackson-Cartwright takes over point guard duties from Allen, who will be more off the ball this season.

Michigan State is expected to surround Bridges with senior guard Eron Harris(9.3 points per game last season as a 22-game starter), junior point guard Tum Tum Nairn, sophomore guard Matt McQuaid and sophomore forward Kenny Goins.

X-factors will be all over the court with new guys and veterans in much bigger roles.

“Our worries is just our depth and size right now,” said Izzo, who has never coached against Miller. “Our strengths are I think we can shoot the ball and I think we can be a team that can run very well. Our other worry is whether we can defend and rebound.”

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  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    November 11th, 20164:41 pmat

    Happy Veterans Day!

  • Kindle writes:
    November 11th, 20165:07 pmat

    Best player name~~~~vote now….

    Chance Comanche or Lou Rawls ‘Tum-Tum’ Nairn??

  • Kindle writes:
    November 11th, 20165:19 pmat

    Chris Vannini ‏@ChrisVannini 5m5 minutes ago
    Not surprised at all the turnovers. They players can’t see each other.

  • I Believe writes:
    November 11th, 20165:22 pmat
    • Kindle writes:
      November 11th, 20165:35 pmat

      See what you made me do…

  • Kindle writes:
    November 11th, 20165:24 pmat

    Dave H ‏@isportsDave
    The announcer has had plenty of opportunities already to use the “Miiiiiiiles Briiiiidges” he’s been practicing.

  • I Believe writes:
    November 11th, 20165:25 pmat

    Spartan women up 18-2 on Davidson after the first quarter.

  • Kindle writes:
    November 11th, 20165:39 pmat

    17-2 MSU start followed by a 15-2 spurt by AZ.

  • I Believe writes:
    November 11th, 20165:49 pmat

    Spartan women up 29-10 on Davidson at the half.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 11th, 20166:10 pmat

    first half of the first game of the year and I have already had my season’s fill of jay bilas. really can’t stand him. as Oscar Madison said of howard Cosell, he is an innane drone. that’s what bilas is. mute button will be on for second half.

  • I Believe writes:
    November 11th, 20166:26 pmat

    End of three, Spartan women 52, Davidson 20.

  • I Believe writes:
    November 11th, 20166:52 pmat

    MSU women close it out, 70-34, over Davidson. Tori Jankoska leads the Spartans with 26 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 11th, 20167:28 pmat

    eron harris is not now nor will he ever be a good player. he does not fit in with this program and would have been better served staying at West Virginia.

    • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
      November 11th, 20167:52 pmat

      I agree and have held this line of thinking for some time.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 11th, 20167:39 pmat

    the way that game ended is one example of why you should save a timeout instead of using the one we wasted before halftime. after letting the guy go coast to coast like danny ainge, we still had 2 seconds remaining. we all stood around looking shell shocked and didn’t even get a shot off. also, why was nick ward on the bench at the end? should have been in instead of an injured goins.

    • 79 Spartan writes:
      November 13th, 201610:13 amat

      I think that was a use it or lose it TO, jj.

  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    November 11th, 20167:55 pmat

    We (i.e., fans) better get used to this. Until Nairns and Harris can be replaced MSU will always be at the disadvantage.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 11th, 20167:58 pmat

    they shot 27 foul shots. we shot 9. they were in the double bonus with 14 minutes remaining, we never were.

    • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
      November 11th, 20169:26 pmat


      When you do not drive the lane and settle for jump shots you will not get to the foul line. Nairn’s inability to drive to the basket and a.) score, b.) get fouled or c.) dish to the open man for a clean shot has been and continues to be an issue.

      • JerseyJohn writes:
        November 12th, 20169:14 amat

        all true, however, in the first 3 minutes of the second half we were called for 4 very cheap fouls. even though izzo is now a certified hall of famer he still will never get the respect or fear from the refs that bobby knight did.

  • Ben Green writes:
    November 12th, 20169:00 amat

    To lose it at the end was disappointing. Especially against a depleted Az team with only 8 players and one hurt late in the game. A great “Spartan like” defensive effort with 7 seconds on the clock may have resulted in a win, or at least in overtime with a chance to win. I didn’t see enough of it to make any judgements about the team. But they are young and missing bigs so I’m optimistic.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 12th, 201610:48 amat

    TUS only sends out ‘new threads’ notification emails SOME OF THE TIME, I never got one for either of these threads after the Rutgers Football thread.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 12th, 201610:50 amat

    No rebounding, defense, or offense (when there is no fast break) for the basketball team – Looooooooog Season

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 12th, 201611:03 amat

    Gerald Holmes has learned to find holes, now granted the holes have been wide enough for a semi to drive through, but still he hasn’t just hid behind the OLine

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 12th, 201611:24 amat

    nice to see that interview with shilique and connor. maybe the guys didn’t want to embarrass themselves in front of 2 all time greats.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 12th, 201612:03 pmat

    all coaches should be fired for running O’Connor on a sneak for the second straight week. idiotically stupid!

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 12th, 201612:16 pmat

    Is anyone watching? 49-0, not wonder Paris scored so many

    Even London is running OVER the Rutgers D.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 12th, 201612:57 pmat

    PS if I didn’t already say this – GO to the Arizona Memorial, if you have not.

  • Ben Green writes:
    November 12th, 20161:22 pmat

    Hey, hey, hey!! Spartan football team is NOT the worst team in the B1G!! That honor goes to Rutgers.

    Spartan-like numbers:
    MSU 49-0
    MSU 440 total yards to 149
    MSU 277 rushing yards to 109
    MSU time of possession 35:37 to 24:23
    MSU 20 first downs to 8

    Dantonio on the radio now. He’s very subdued. Thanked fans for a big crowd today. Proud of Spartan Nation. He said it’s been a long 7 weeks since the ND win. This win was a long time coming. Got out from under the rock today.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 12th, 20161:31 pmat

    And Baylor, after you take away their ‘edgy lifestyle’, you see the same thing that happen to Tiger Woods – lose of confidence and LOFT

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    November 12th, 20162:39 pmat

    Dantonio’s Spartans managed their fourth shutout vs. RU today. It was MSU’s first shutout since 2013 [Purdue, 14-0]. Looking back to 1995, MSU had two under Saban — and zero under Williams and Smith.

    The 49-point victory margin was MSU’s largest since the EMU game in 2014. The 35-point surplus over the betting line was MSU’s largest since 2005, when MSU beat IL 61-14.

    The final score matched the 49-0 Spartan win over Miami of Ohio in 1989.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 12th, 20164:57 pmat

    SEC showing their ARSE again. Only “Bama is a legit College Football team in that conference

  • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
    November 12th, 20165:29 pmat

    The one game I had tto miss because of work in LA and they have a party. I’m beginning to think JJ and I are bad luck charms. My wife went to the game with my son. Maybe she’s a good luck charm for the Spartans like she is for me. If that’s true we should add a third season ticket.

    • Kindle writes:
      November 12th, 20167:38 pmat


  • GoSt8Go writes:
    November 12th, 20169:44 pmat

    Down go the gulos. That’s a nice day Sergeant Savage.

  • Ben Green writes:
    November 13th, 20165:54 amat

    Crazy day in college football.
    #2 Clemson loses to Pitt
    #3 Michigan loses to Iowa
    #4 Washington loses to USC
    #8 Texas A&M loses to Ole Miss
    #9 Auburn loses to Georgia

    OSU will likely be #2 in the next CFP but if Penn State wins out, OSU can’t win the B1G East. MSU can play spoiler.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      November 13th, 20162:20 pmat

      Narduzzi’s Kiss of Redemption — planted on his game-winning kicker’s cheek after an earlier miss — was a nice story line.

      Apparently, that is how one properly coaches Millennial/Generation Y players.

      • Ben Green writes:
        November 13th, 20165:47 pmat

        Yes, exactly. Another demonstration was the fire Narduzzi displayed on the sideline and in the Pitt locker room after the game. Something lacking in EL.

      • USMC Retired writes:
        November 14th, 201611:21 amat

        Did anyone really believe that giving children participation trophies would have this much of disastrous effect on their psyche?

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 13th, 20168:28 amat

    While there were so called upsets a bundle, some think the ultimate outcome is still the hands of those who lost – Paris, Wash, Clemson. The reason is the Glad Glade over Acorn score which will give Glad Glade the East and a slot in Indy against Whiskey, I’m thinking. Same kind of scenario exists for both the Paws and the team nobody ever sees out west – win out and your in. The probable BiG 12 champion has to many warts and no championship game.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      November 13th, 20162:26 pmat

      The Gulos do control their own destiny: If they win out, they will go to Indianapolis. If they win there, how does the CFP Committee exclude a 12-1 B1G Champion that lost one road night game by a single point to a team with 6+ wins?

      (Especially after letting in a 12-1 MSU that lost to a 5-7 team in 2015?)

      • GoSt8Go writes:
        November 13th, 20165:47 pmat

        they have to win outright first. Not thinking they will, but just my 1 cent.

        • 89 Chemistry writes:
          November 14th, 201610:47 amat

          I agree 100%, based on recent performances.

        • USMC Retired writes:
          November 14th, 201611:17 amat

          No, they won’t win out – not after failing in the 2 half against teams that were smacking them in the mouth. 3 against the Spartans and 3 against Ioway doesn’t speak highly of their mental or physical toughness (which has everything to do with playing a cupcake schedule and getting used to running up the score) (Very similar to the Spartans beating up on 2 lesser opponents in the exhibition season and then finding out that Az has p[layers on scholarship for a reason)

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 13th, 20168:34 amat

    I am currently wearing my IOWA HAWKEYE FOOTBALL shirt. someone bought it for me years ago when they routinely beat penn state to a pulp. now we need someone to put penn state out of commission. thank god for Pitt early this season. tuned in to the BTN this morning. they are in mourning over harblow’s loss. even insinuated there was a bogus face mask call against them. ha ha ha . hilarious.

    • 79 Spartan writes:
      November 13th, 201610:12 amat

      +2 (Remember, a safety is a score.)

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      November 13th, 20162:16 pmat

      I think it was a bogus facemask call. I also have read that there was a questionable call or two in MI’s favor.

      I also think IA would have made its winning field goal from 15 yards further out than it was; imo, the facemask call did not change the game’s outcome.

      At any rate, MI should be embarrassed to have been in a one-possession game with IA despite the environment and pink locker rooms.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 13th, 20168:24 pmat

    Of interest:

    Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Tyler Higby broke his ankle during Saturday’s win over Rutgers and will miss the rest of the season, Mark Dantonio announced on Sunday night.

    Higby will have surgery on the ankle this week. Dantonio is hopeful he can return in time for spring practice.

    A Houston native, Higby stepped into a starting role at left guard midway through the season, against BYU, and drew praise from coaches.

    “He’s had a very solid year for us, and I think he shows great promise,” Dantonio said.

    Dantonio also announced that linebacker Jon Reschke will not return this year from the ankle sprain he suffered against Wisconsin in the third game of the season.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      November 15th, 20163:08 pmat

      Dantonio mentioned Sunday night that Higby missed half of his redshirt season with a different injury. “He’s a big guy, very athletic, shows power, very fluid and should be a great player for us here in the future,” Coach D said. He [and I] was also impressed by how quickly he got up to speed. Those six starts will help a lot next year.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 13th, 20169:10 pmat

    GS won tonight against Phx, the big 4 scored 102 of the 120 points they scored. KD and DayDay had double-doubles (Rb’s and Asts respectively)

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 14th, 201611:24 amat

    Jelly tomorrow night @MSG @1900 on the P.

    Wonder how our frosh will do against The Used Car Salesman’s frosh.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 14th, 201612:02 pmat

    Spartans will host SIUE (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) on THURSDAY at 1 pm in the NCAA Soccer Tournament 1st Round!


    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      November 15th, 20163:02 pmat

      Is that another SIU? I thought the best-known one was in Carbondale or some-such place.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 14th, 20162:43 pmat

    Paris QB done for the year – broken collar bone

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 14th, 20165:39 pmat

    just looked in at purdue vs. villanova. that swanigan guy lost about a hundred pounds but is still jacking up three pointers. I mean, did he ever have that kind of range? he would have come in handy for us right about now.

    • JerseyJohn writes:
      November 15th, 20164:53 pmat

      refs were cheating like crazy for purdue, which is always the case in west Lafayette, but nova still managed to win because purdue kept missing foul shots.

  • Ben Green writes:
    November 14th, 20166:23 pmat

    Interesting predictions, to me at least, for Spartan basketball from MLive:

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 15th, 20161:00 pmat

    Of interest besides the Spartans vs Jelly @7 on the P: the B1G Ten BEastie challenge is on FS1 starting at 1830R. Md vs Hoyas and then Whiskey vs Creighton

    The Red Wings are on @2030 on NBCSN

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 15th, 20165:20 pmat

    Wow, the more I watch the Spartans the more I have to say, Harris does NOT belong on the floor except in mop up time

    • I Believe writes:
      November 15th, 20165:37 pmat

      Agreed. I know he is a senior, but …

      FYI … have already had to press mute because of Dukie V.

      • USMC Retired writes:
        November 15th, 20165:39 pmat

        Oh yea mute was on long ago – the other guy talking has a bad a voice as the idiot who did the WS.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      November 15th, 20165:38 pmat

      He has now had his underwear handed to him, NOT come to meet a pass, LOAFED getting back allowing a layup. He looks like he’s playing in a bad church league game on Tues night’s not in MSG for a HoF Coach

    • JerseyJohn writes:
      November 15th, 20168:29 pmat

      I just talked to a friend who lives in KY. he knows a west Virginia fan. he said the WVU fan told him that Harris leaving there was the best thing that ever happened to them.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 15th, 20165:30 pmat

    I guess Oregon is NOT all that – losing to Baylor by 20

  • I Believe writes:
    November 15th, 20165:35 pmat

    I’m quite certain I see Brian Gregory behind the Spartans’ bench. That can only help MSU if he is there in an official capacity. Gregory and Izzo work very well together.

  • I Believe writes:
    November 15th, 20165:45 pmat

    McQuaid needs to teach his teammates how to take a charge as well as he does.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 15th, 20166:31 pmat

    mute button on. ESPN shameless promo’s, herbstreit being there is obnoxious.
    from now on I would start the four freshman and mcquaid. harris is a lost cause and tum tum is too small.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 15th, 20166:48 pmat

    this basketball season could be almost as long as the football season.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 15th, 20166:58 pmat

    Long Season

  • Ben Green writes:
    November 16th, 20166:41 amat

    Tom Izzo said his team played like an AAU team – just went one-on-one. The used car salesman has the experience with young teams to mold them into a unit quickly. Four starters, three freshmen and a sophomore scored 62 of UK’s 69 points. Two of them scored 44. MSU scored a total of 48. Will MSU develop into a “team” with time?

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 16th, 20166:56 amat

    I am sensing a distinct lack of oooph in TUS.

    This team will be fine by March – they have always been fine by march except when girlfriends and pot ruined the family – we know that, but the trip there may be a long one. Although the Spartans aren’t winning these early season tilts the games have given Coach many, many teaching moments and some points with the Head of the Selection Committee.


  • 79 Spartan writes:
    November 16th, 20167:23 amat

    Agree wit the Marine. No fizzle from the TUS membership, just like our teams.
    No true center and match-ups will be tough for us. Poor free throw shooting and we are a TO machine to boot. Look lost on defense at times. I’m sure TI will have them shaped into some kind of team by March, but we are going to live and die by the jump shot for quite some time.

    Saw #9 Wiscy go down to #22 Creighton last night. We are in neither’s league right now. My guess is we will be out of the top 25 before the B1G opener.

  • Kindle writes:
    November 16th, 20168:06 amat

    The last time Michigan State started 0-2 was 2011-’12, when the team lost to UNC and Duke in the first two games. Finished at 29-8 overall.

    Perspective: It’s better to lose in the Champions Classic than to not be a good enough program to participate in it.

    Champions Classic (6 years):
    KY 4-2 (beat KAN 2x, Duke, MSU)
    Duke 3-3 (beat MSU 2x, KY)
    MSU 3-3 (beat KAN 2x, KY)
    Kansas 2-4 (beat Duke 2x)

    Re Dick Vitale:
    I still remember his passion and caring for Lacey Holsworth and her family 2 and a half years ago.
    That doesn’t mean I like listening to him; just that I won’t rip him.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 16th, 20168:28 amat

    some tidbits

    we need to stop reading and hearing about the absence of schilling and carter. those guys are gone and they aint coming back, and if and when they do, what good will they be.

    there has to be some big bruiser on campus, possibly on the football team, that we can use for a few minutes and fouls per game. (too bad shilique is gone)

    that loss in last year’s tourney really took the wind out of my sails. the only guy who showed up in that game was Costello. as for this year, I will take a wait and see approach, but we may be in danger of missing the NCAA tournament.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 16th, 20168:33 amat

    I just heard something that has me in a panic. there are reports that Louisville’s recent championship might be vacated. please tell me that they can not award it to that year’s runner up, SCum.

    • I Believe writes:
      November 16th, 20166:29 pmat

      Teams are not elevated to national champions in such instances, the title is just vacated.

      Example: Oklahoma was not declared the BCS champion for the 2004 season when Southern Cal had to forfeit its right to the title. Similarly, Vince Young was not awarded the 2005 Heisman Trophy when Reggie Bush returned the top individual prize for college football following the USC scandal.

      • JerseyJohn writes:
        November 17th, 20168:43 amat

        thanx. that’s what I always thought but considering the national love affair with SCum I worry that they might change the rules.

  • Ben Green writes:
    November 16th, 20165:44 pmat

    Nice piece on the state of the Spartan basketball team from MLive:

    Michigan State facing multilayered issues, and an 0-2 start

  • I Believe writes:
    November 16th, 20166:20 pmat

    Sigh. The 2016 Cy Young Award winners are former Detroit Tiger pitchers Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello.

    Justin Verlander, who finished second to Porcello, is the first pitcher in American League history to receive the most first-place Cy Young Award votes and not win. Porcello did not receive one first-place vote. Verlander was left completely off two ballots, and lost by 3 votes.

    Criticize Brad Ausmus all you want, but the front office is just as responsible and culpable for the Tigers’ failure to to be a perennial post-season player.

    • Ben Green writes:
      November 17th, 20168:19 amat

      Kate didn’t like the snub. “Rick Porcello Doesn’t Care What Kate Upton Thinks About Cy Young Win”

      It was tough seeing both Scherzer and Porcello go. Max was too expensive. December 2014 Porcello was traded to the Red Sox for Yoenis Céspedes, Alex Wilson, and Gabe Speier. He was given a 4-year contract extension worth $82.5 million April 2015. August, 2015 he was placed on the Disabled List for the first time in his career with triceps soreness and inflammation. At the time he was mired in his worst season, statistically, with a 5–11 record and a 5.81 ERA. He finished 2015 with a 9–15 record and an ERA of 4.92. At that point it looked like the Tigers made a good move. The next season he wins the Cy Young. Too bad he’s not a Tiger.

  • I Believe writes:
    November 16th, 20166:41 pmat

    Something special to make you feel good:

    • USMC Retired writes:
      November 17th, 20164:21 pmat

      That’s really VERY good and COOL, sorry to have missed it LIVE

    • JerseyJohn writes:
      November 17th, 20166:49 pmat


    • JerseyJohn writes:
      November 18th, 20166:58 amat

      the band deserves a bowl trip. since that’s not happening I hope they’re not “rewarded” with a trip to crappy valley. they would be better off staying home and studying.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 17th, 20164:19 pmat

    FYI: if I am counting correctly the Spartans lost in the Shoot out with SIUE 8-9 and are, therefore, done. SIUE????? oh, well it’s soccer

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      November 18th, 20169:51 amat

      Yes. Men’s soccer finished the year 13-5-2 overall.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 17th, 20165:36 pmat

    Hey, Kindle and IB: Spring training this year? Joker Merchant will be finished

    The new-look park will host its first game when the Tigers hold their annual exhibition against Florida Southern on Feb. 23. From there, the Tigers open their Grapefruit League schedule with back-to-back home games against the Orioles and Astros on Feb. 24-25.
    The Tigers will host 17 Grapefruit League games, including the Yankees on March 4 and 17, the Blue Jays on March 10 and 26, the Mets on March 12 and 20, the Phillies on March 7 and 29, the Nationals on March 1 and the Orioles on March 6. Eight of the Tigers’ first 13 Grapefruit League contests will be at home.


  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 17th, 20166:05 pmat

    Just saw a Jeep commercial and they advertise “Laguna Leather”. What in the world is a Laguna? Where do they live, are they free range? Carnivore’s?

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 17th, 20166:23 pmat

    Weather might be a factor on Saturday:

    Wind will be a big factor in the comfort of the game, or lack of comfort. Northwest winds up to 30 mph will make it feel like 27° to 29° during the game.Snow is also a possibility

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 17th, 20166:59 pmat

    Now this is interesting: Houston EXPOSING Louisville(up 17-0 in the 2nd quarter) and by so doing EXPOSING the Paws – I just can’t wrap my head around an ACC FOOTBALL team being one of the best 4 in the country.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      November 17th, 20167:31 pmat

      So Clemson is a Joke as their win over Louisville wasn’t even close to what HOUSTEN (8-2) is doing to Louisville 31-0 2 minutes left in the FIRST half

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