The Freshman
December 6th, 2016 by Jeffrey Lubeck


The Freshman has many connotations.

The 1925 film The Freshman (starring USMC(Retired) as Harold Lloyd) will do anything to be popular and also fly Bi-Planes.

The 1990 film The Freshman (starring JustABum as Mathew Broderick) will do anything to be accepted by the TUS Mob Headed by BostonSpartan.

The 2016 MSU Mens Basketball Team (starring Nick Ward, Joshua Langford, Cassius Winston, and Special Guest Appearance by Miles Bridges) will do anything to overcome departures from four starters from the 2015/2016 team and season ending pre-season injuries to two 2016/2017 front-court starters (i.e., Schilling, Carter).

The cry from many of the [extremely] few TUS Members who actually view and comment on the site suggest – “Start Tum Tum Nairn and The Freshmen with an Espresso and a twist of Lemon for all 40 minutes.”

Tonight, given a representative sample of this concept – with an excused absence for Bridges – led to a 20+ point victory over the Youngstown State Penguins (a.k.a. The Litigating Tressels) what say you?

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  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    December 6th, 201611:15 pmat

    Good Luck Malik,

    McDowell turns pro is listed [here].

    However Malik, my suggestion is refrain from making declarations/promises in public (.i.e., “I plan to stay at MSU and will only leave if I am projected to be a Top 3 draft pick”) for which you will ultimately not stay true. Your new promise to your Mom that “you will graduate after turning pro” rings hollow.

  • JustABum writes:
    December 7th, 20166:15 amat

    A another scrimmage like opponent produces better results than the previous opponent, Oral Roberts. Let’s hope Langford stays healthy and McQuid doesn’t pass up open threes in the games to come.

    Damn NIKE shoes!

    • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
      December 7th, 20166:28 amat

      IBelieve and I were discussing the same thing about Matt M. as well. How about he stop all the GymRat hold the ball down low swinging left to right stuff. By now anyone who has looked at video of his play and tendencies knows when Matt M. does this there will be no real offensive action taken.

      • JustABum writes:
        December 7th, 20168:10 amat

        Your solution sounds good, McQuaid has decent ball handling skills. Have Izzo’s SG’s gone low in the past as part of any set?

        Hard to say why McQuaid does it, unless it is lack of confidence or no one is there to rebound which may incur the wrath of Iz?

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 7th, 20167:16 amat

    We all have our quirks and quarks – Coach used to tell me that if i shot faked with my left hand I would shoot right handed every time – but then there wasn’t so much game film then.

    When ‘Troubled Waters’ returns I would start the 4 and Tum and tell Tum to shoot the wide open shot EVERY time until he either proves he can’t make it or EVER or gains enough confidence to have teams stop the sag.

    Either YSU didn’t play a very good zone or these kids don’t have the ‘oh, no, what do we do syndrome’ of Izzo teams of yore.

    Other advice to Malik, stop taking plays off – if you’ll notice the other DE at Houston who came out of USC with that reputation (as well as being injured all the time), has failed to live up to his hype, too.

    • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
      December 7th, 20165:53 pmat

      I agree that when Kilometer Tunnel returns, MSU should start Tum Tum and The Freshmen.

      As for Tum Tum I agree with your premise, and on the break make him adhere to the following process flow methodology:

      Option A: dribble drive to the hole and actually try to score.
      Option B: If no Option A, then drive to the hole and actually try to draw the foul.
      Option C: If no Option B, then drive to the hole and actually try to dish the ball to an open player who is truly ready to shoot.
      Option D: If No Option C, dribble drive to the hole and then back the ball out smoothly, demand players actually move without the basketball – or follow the offensive re-set.

      I know I am stating the obvious with the above, but it seems Tum usually does only the first 1/2 of Option D and teams (especially B1G Teams) know the drill and play 5 on 4 defense.
      I have seen tidbits of change on the subject by Tum Tum, but not enough to call it more than anecdotal.

    • GoSt8Go writes:
      December 7th, 20168:37 pmat

      I have zero quirks, just ask me.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 7th, 20168:30 amat

    Here is a Rexrode piece on the Bowl Season – with his usual sarcasm in tact – B1G is not slated to fare so well, losing every matchup, but Paris – FSU (has he gone over the the darkside after only a year of living in SEC country?)

    • LeeBee writes:
      December 7th, 20169:01 amat

      I have the B1G going 1 and 9, with only Wisconsin winning.

      • USMC Retired writes:
        December 7th, 201611:29 amat

        One less than Joe – Whiskey and Paris are his only winners.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      December 7th, 20164:23 pmat

      Rexrode is picking MI, WI, and MD to win. So, 3-7 for the B1G from him. I have not looked at most of the SEC matchups, but Joe has the SEC going 7-5. Not exactly homerrific, imo.

      MSU plays nine bowl teams next year–including WI & WSU. I think WI’s edge over WSU is enhanced by familiarity with Jerryworld. I think the MD, MI, OSU, and PSU games are evenly matched. I would give NE, with Armstrong, a slight edge over TN. So probably 3-7 or maybe 4-6, in my view. None look like sure B1G wins — which means 0-10 could happen. But after all the B1G East media hype and WA stuck with AL, even a 2-8 showing would look bad for the B1G.

    • GoSt8Go writes:
      December 7th, 20168:42 pmat

      He must be channeling his inner Wojo. Looking at all of the matchups, each seems winnable. I will pick Florida State over the gulos. Why? It’s what I do.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    December 7th, 201610:44 amat

    someone needs to teach ward how to shoot foul shots. he needs to take a dribble or two. I don’t expect stephens to do it since as far as i’m concerned, he is nothing more than window dressing.

    one problem I see with Winston is that his shot launches from such a low position, he has to be wide open to even get it off. Jud, who was a master shooting coach, would rectify this situation.

    • LeeBee writes:
      December 7th, 20161:27 pmat

      I noticed that with Winston. He seemed to launch 3’s from his throat, not above his head.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    December 7th, 20163:59 pmat

    This still-learning lineup should beat Tennessee Tech Saturday, but I would be concerned about Northeastern on the 18th. If Bridges can be back for that game (or, failing that, Oakland on the 21st), MSU can start the B1G slate with some momentum.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    December 7th, 20164:36 pmat

    I recommended reading this article–and especially the ‘Notes’:

    This is (overlapping) good news:

    [After Solari submitted the assistant coaches’ article, tight end Jamal Lyles announced he also will be playing in the NLFPA Bowl (which will be broadcast on Fox Sports One).]

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 7th, 20166:57 pmat

    UConn eventually had little trouble with SNCC. He is just that much better a coach than the rest of them

    • USMC Retired writes:
      December 7th, 20167:01 pmat

      Holy inverted flight, Batman; the latest is on the bottom again. Glor-i-oski

      • NorthForkRancher writes:
        December 7th, 20168:40 pmat

        Maybe the things I don’t understand will be clearer now, like when a fog blows away.

        • GoSt8Go writes:
          December 7th, 20168:51 pmat

          I’m sure there’s a story that goes with “Glor-i-oski”? “to think something is extra ordinary. Based on word glorious.”

  • GoSt8Go writes:
    December 7th, 20168:46 pmat

    Hey, that’s Serge at the top (say Sairshhhhg). And you even found a photo of him with a Lymon tweest for his espresso. Now that is what’s pertaining.

  • JustABum writes:
    December 8th, 20167:30 amat

    Call me a begrudger, I just don’t see the Arrogant Arses of AA beating FSU.

    FSU lost once in their last eight games. That loss was to Clemson 37-34 which FSU generated 450 yards of offense. FSU is trending upwards in all stat categories, which brings me to AAAA’s. OVER-rated. Eight games at home, losing both games against ranked opponents on the road… and the bowl game is in Florida.

    This game depends on how the refs call penalties, specifically defensive pass interference calls. I just can’t agree with AAAA being given a win here.

    • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
      December 8th, 20162:51 pmat

      Dear Begrudger,

      Do I respond with what you want to hear or need to hear? I’ill give you both.

      Want: You are not begrudging, simply listing numbers and trending scenarios to arrive at a conclusion for which I agree. Stand your ground. I will fight to the last ounce of your blood defending the pick.

      Need: UofM is actually pretty darn good (boy I dislike having to say it) and it is FSU that looked more vulnerable to me. I am not sure the FLA setting will be a huge advantage given SCum fans travel well, and it is a neutral field. The month to prepare always has implications and Harbaugh gets good results with more preparation time. I agree with you say in that the game may ultimately may come down to the way the game is called by the officials and what team responds best to it.

      • GoSt8Go writes:
        December 8th, 20162:59 pmat

        scUM will lose on a last second PI penalty flag that is picked up after ref huddle, during the 6th OT. Jim Harbaugh will be flagged for targeting and ejected after headbutting the Head Referee. The game will be played without National Coverage, mysteriously pre-empted by the Marine taking down the grid in Miami. I could tell you how he’s going to do that, but then I’d have to k….

        • USMC Retired writes:
          December 8th, 20163:44 pmat

          Ssshhh, you told me how to do it; stop telling others

          I had an over indulgence with Newspaper Cartoons: Glor-i-oski is from Little Orphan Annie

          • 89 Chemistry writes:
            December 8th, 20165:05 pmat

            Thank you for that. I was feeling down over a perceived drag of accumulating years. Thanks to you, I have renewed perspective!

            After all, if grids can be bollixed by guys that still remember Annie Oakley…


            • USMC Retired writes:
              December 8th, 20166:50 pmat

              YuP there was that one class in Power Grid generation in 1973 right after the class on the math of triode tubes and before Solid State Physics (which wasn’t what I thought it was going to be – I thought transistors, it was the actual physics of the atom)

      • JustABum writes:
        December 8th, 20164:00 pmat

        I have to disagree with the pretty darn good team comment. Good, yes, and that’s it due to a favourable schedule that built confidence. The real scUM showed up in when they hit the road and played decent teams.

        My doubting the arrogant arses is based on suspect run defense. The pundits and sats lead the sheep to believe it’s great. I am betting FSU’s Cook can do a lot of damage like Weber, Wadley and Scott did – MSU gained 217 net yards, tO$u 200+, and Iowa 160. I can rant about the Lewis & Scribling clutch and grab tactics being ignored and making AAAA’s passing D very good, but a mobile FSU’s QB will create problems. Francois gained significant yards in all FSU victories. If AAAA do a better job containing the QB then they did with TJ Barrett, then they may have a chance .. .I doubt they can.

        It’s great to know you’ll be there if I bleed out, thanks.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      December 8th, 20163:53 pmat

      As long as we are directing Paris Hilton: I think hardasian gets the most out of his group and wins – FSU has only been playing agains the ACC – I’m sorry, but that IS a Basketball conference. (next year they lose 90% of the D and of course the QB)

      WMU will find out about B1G Football from Whiskey

      Glad Glade will manhandle USC

      The Cobs should win

      The rest should be in their games – toss ups

      Same is true of the Criminal Recruiter with a month of practice time as it is for hardasian and with my opinion of the ACC in mind, OSU wins at least that game – Revengeful Satan will take the next one.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    December 8th, 20165:35 pmat

    * Demetrious Cox is accused of breaking a cabbie’s nose on the Thursday night before MSU football traveled to Penn State. He reportedly had a blood alcohol content of .22%. [Will NFL scouts be impressed by Cox’s aim and coordination despite such a handicap?…]

    * The fix is apparently in —

    Briefly: MSU will play Bowling Green [BGSU] and WMU seven days earlier than scheduled. It will therefore have a bye in Week Three — giving it a respite before hosting Notre Dame, etc., for a ten-week run of games instead of the twelve-week slog it had been saddled with after the dissolution of the Alabama home-and-home contract.

    * Not so great for MSU is the news that eminent boat-rowing mime P.J. Fleck and WMU have agreed to an extended contract. (I, for one, did not see that happening.)

    • JerseyJohn writes:
      December 8th, 20165:56 pmat

      that’s quite a captain the team elected this year. punching out a cabbie six hours before the team plane was to take off for crappy valley. I guess he was a much better leader than connor cook was the previous year. sort of reminds me of the 2009 dorm brawl that broke hours after we lost to Penn State. if these players had as much disdain for that despicable institution as I do, maybe they’d actually show up for four quarters and beat them.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      December 8th, 20166:44 pmat

      Total lack of leadership, sportsmanship, scholarship, and just plain common sense to get that drunk the night before a game. KINDA really explains this entire season because if an elected Capt was setting this example…………An NO he will not be drafted

  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    December 8th, 20167:28 pmat

    Many good comments on this thread.

    I am glad the Higher Ups in TUS WebPresence Management decided to return the Comment Sort Order (CSO) to its Spring 2010 – Summer 2016 format and thereby repeal the USMC(Retired) Descending Sort Order Act. While millions of users will be negatively impacted, with many wwwDisplaced, at-least NorthFork Rancher (see above), Spartan81, SILA, 84 snd 48 will now be able to follow and comment more effectively on posts. It is all about the Smaller Good is it not?

    Note: I read a Fake News story – that I am sure is really real – that NorthFork Rancher is actually Dirty Harry. The story indicated that highly placed sources told IBelieveFakeNews that during a luncheon engagement in Phoenix AZ in the spring on 2012 – hosted by Trophy – with NorthFork Rancher in attendance – it was revealed NFR was in fact a Movie/TV personality with some major credits and married to a Babe. These sources told IBelieveFakeNews that NFR nodded in confirmation that it he did in fact star in films such as Dirty Rancher and SpartanForce. NFR being married to a Babe is a longtime known fact and is documented as a matter of legal record in the U.S. Federal Register.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      December 8th, 20168:10 pmat

      This from the guy married to Helen Trasker aka Wanda Gershwitz!

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 8th, 20168:01 pmat

    Below .500 Ioway beats #25 Iowa State @home by 14

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 8th, 20169:09 pmat
  • I Believe writes:
    December 9th, 20167:13 amat

    Here’s the difference between the B1G and the SEC:

    Michigan State 2015: 12-2 (B1G champions, playoff berth)
    Michigan State 2016: 3-9
    — No coaching changes

    Ole Miss 2015: 10-3 (Sugar Bowl champions)
    Ole Miss 2016: 5-7
    — Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator fired

  • I Believe writes:
    December 9th, 20167:19 amat

    Another football national championship for Michigan State …

    Spartan Stadium

  • I Believe writes:
    December 9th, 20167:25 amat

    Meanwhile the money keeps rolling in …

    MSU Cyclotron Laboratory receives a $122 million from the National Science Foundation:

    John R. Koza, considered the father of genetic programming, donates $12.7 million to the College of Engineering:


  • I Believe writes:
    December 9th, 20167:27 amat

    Christmas gift idea for the discerning Spartan in your life:


    • USMC Retired writes:
      December 9th, 20168:00 amat

      I saw that, they are much taller and thinner than I remember – but then again, I am remembered as being taller and much thinner, so memory can deceive.

      • USMC Retired writes:
        December 9th, 20168:03 amat

        PS if anyone wants to send me one, I could keep my “in time out” golf clubs (mostly putters and drivers) the corner of my lanai

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 9th, 20162:04 pmat

    Spartan Hockey tonight vs Minnie on BTN @1830

    • USMC Retired writes:
      December 9th, 20165:34 pmat

      Tied 1-1 beginning of he 2nd

      • USMC Retired writes:
        December 9th, 20166:49 pmat

        4 minutes left in the game: Spartans trail 3-2 and have been man down for most of the 3rd. Very undisciplined hockey by the Spartans

        • Ben Green writes:
          December 10th, 20167:02 amat

          The Spartans ended up losing to No. 11 Minnesota in the series opener, 4-2. Ed Minney finished with a career high 40 saves. MSU is 4-7-1 and 0-1 in the B1G. Home cooking has not been kind to the Spartans who are 2-5 at Munn.

  • LeeBee writes:
    December 9th, 20164:31 pmat

    Marine, stay close to the phone. POTUS-Elect seems to be calling several Marines.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      December 9th, 20165:33 pmat

      I keep getting these calls from DC, but there’s nobody there when I answer WTH do you want. Don’t know why, but when I call back the number is no longer is service Vanni has my cell number, if he needs me

  • I Believe writes:
    December 10th, 20169:41 amat

    Another Top 20 finish for MSU football …


  • Ben Green writes:
    December 10th, 201611:31 amat


    Who: Michigan State vs. Tennessee Tech.
    When: 2 p.m.
    Where: Breslin Center in East Lansing.
    TV: BTN (and BTN2Go).
    Radio: Spartan Sports Network, WJIM-AM (1240)/WMMQ-FM (94.9) in Lansing, WJR-AM (760) in Detroit, WBBL-FM (107.3) in Grand Rapids, Sirius XM Ch. 80
    Line: MSU by 20.

    MLive – Michigan State vs. Tennessee Tech: Spartans seek third straight win

    The Only Colors – Michigan St vs Tennessee Tech Preview

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 10th, 201612:37 pmat

    Got up 9-2 on 3 Harris bombs and haven’t looked back – of course he has done nothing since

  • 79 Spartan writes:
    December 10th, 20162:33 pmat

    Nothing very impressive with this scrimmage. Ten. Tech kinda got into big time foul trouble or they may have given us more than we wanted. Terrible free throw shooting (again!) and just too many sloppy turnovers.

    TI can’t be very pleased; only smile I saw is when we had 4 guys diving to the floor for the loose ball.

    Watched Creighton the other day shoot 71% and just blow out their opponent by 50. No comparison to us at all. Few TOs and making most all their free throws.

  • Ben Green writes:
    December 10th, 20163:09 pmat

    Without Harris’s 20 points the Spartans would have been in trouble. It was good to see Kyle Ahrens have a decent game with 9 points and 7 rebounds.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      December 11th, 20167:12 amat

      Luv to see what his plus-minus for the game was.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 10th, 20165:42 pmat

    57& from the charity strip will cost us more games than it’ll let us win.

    • 79 Spartan writes:
      December 11th, 20165:46 amat

      Wasn’t just Ward shooting FFs either. Everyone got into the missing.

  • Ben Green writes:
    December 11th, 20166:37 amat

    The Spartans scored first against Minnesota for the second game in a row and were up 2-0 in the 2nd period. The Gophers scored the next 4 goals, taking a lead midway through the 3rd and capped it with an empty netter to win 4-2 for the second time in two nights.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    December 11th, 20167:27 amat

    after watching the Tennessee tech game I have come to the conclusion that the breslin fans including the izzone are some of the dumbest in the country.

    first, after half the crowd already left, they were booing TT for fouling when the game was still slightly in doubt. TT actually should have started fouling with about 4 minutes left and given our anemic foul shooting, they could have won.

    secondly, when we shoot our foul shots, it gets so quiet in there that as kelser pointed out, it is more disconcerting than being on the road in a rowdy arena.

    and finally, when the izzone does the fake shot clock countdown they time it so that there are still a few second left to shoot instead of the obvious right way which would be the exact opposite.

  • LeeBee writes:
    December 11th, 201610:41 amat

    Running the half-court offense appears to be 1 man with the ball, 2 moving around, and the other two standing still accross the court. Have not seen 4 moving without the ball at the same time for a while.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      December 12th, 20167:33 amat

      It is certainly more static than when Denzel was there. #11, at least, drives the ball, occasionally. It also seems that every play is designed to get a 3. need them to FORCE FEED #44

  • Ben Green writes:
    December 11th, 20164:43 pmat

    Big days for 3 Michigan State alumni in key NFL games.

    Le’Veon Bell’s set a franchise record for rushing yards in a game vs. the Bills, rushing for 236 yards and three touchdowns on 38 carries.

    Tight end Dion Sims had just two receptions for Miami, but one of those was a crucial touchdown in the second quarter to give the Dolphins a 14-6 lead. The Dolphins improved to 8-5 with a close 26-23 win over the Cardinals, helping them stay in the hunt for a Wild Card spot.

    Kirk Cousins led the Redskins (7-5-1) to a 27-22 victory over the Eagles, throwing for 234 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Captain Kirk has 4,000 passing yards on the season, becoming the only Washington QB with 4,000 passing yards in multiple seasons.

    I have to admit I follow Bell and Cousins but not Sims.

  • JustABum writes:
    December 12th, 20167:53 amat

    Back to Malik McDowell.

    The MSU banquet took place last evening and to no surprise the MSU superstar received NO awards by his coaching staff and teammates. The highest ranked recruit in the Dantonio era entered MSU in the least glamorous manner and is leaving as he entered.

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