Bubble Watch Comes Early In 2017–It is only January after all
Jan 21st, 2017 by Kindle

I’ll never lie to you.  Seemed important to say that.

The category I have chosen for this post should be noted (as inspired by USMC) ~~ “High School Basketball.”

Less than two weeks ago, it looked like MSU might be getting back on track.  Some on TUS were even thinking Tum Tum Nairn had found his game.  But after winning three in a row, Michigan State has now lost three of its last four.  Said another way, they have lost three straight games on the road.   We have learned that size does, indeed, matter.

After today’s loss to a depleted Indiana team, on their court,  our coach had this to say…..”This game was won and lost by the guards who just drove it and kicked it and made shot after shot after shot,” Izzo said. “I mean that first half, it was impressive. If I were an IU fan, I would have been excited. It was almost impressive for me to watch.”

More from coach…“I guess our guys learned,” Izzo said. “We played in a hostile environment and didn’t quit and came back. But it’s unexcusable how we played in the first half.”

Aside from being inexcusable to say unexcusable for a highly paid educator (I know–picky, picky, picky–but I was having a bad day in general…and then this game intruded on that)… he played a negative part in that first half play that he pointed to.

Too bad MSU didn’t have a guard by the name of Cassius Winston doing the same thing in the first half.  Instead we had the opposite.  We also had a slim lead of 8–6 four minutes into the game when our first substitutions  came.  Goodbye lead….but that is “what we do.”  Indiana went on a 14-2 run after that first substitution, then used another 8-0 burst late in the half to pull away to a 44-30 halftime lead. OMG!  [[Insert “those who do not learn from history~~~” quote here.]]

Defense early was not a strong suit for MSU today as Blackmon made 11 of 16 shots for Indiana and drained six three-pointers.

Transportation problems continue to plague the Spartans.  The Spartans’ flight out of Lansing on Friday night was delayed nearly four hours because of a mechanical problem, forcing the team to hold a film session in the terminal.  Is it Deja vu or just me and jersey john ?/?  The team got to Bloomington after midnight, moving the usual shoot-around the night before the game to Saturday morning.  C’mon man!!! Fix this!!

So much more I could say but what’s the point of chewing more scenery, when the tapestry is so thin.

C’mon TUS — give me a pivot.  Tell me I am babbling and show me the error of my ways.

Talking points please.  Is our season……What is the truth?

A) MSU is officially “On the bubble”

B) No, MSU will be fine and make the tourney

C) MSU is on a steep descent into the abyss


MSU @ IU in Not Your Father’s Assembly Hall: Gamethread
Jan 21st, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

AH New SS Assembly Hall

A trip to Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Indiana from the Breslin Center in East Lansing in 307.2 miles.  However the Assembly Hall of which you probably know – is no longer in existence.

First, lets cover the details of the trip. Technically the bus ride trip (encompassing approximately 4 hours and 40 minutes of time) is travelled almost completely on what is designated as North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) Superhighway (aka United States Interstate Highway 69). However, despite all the declarations and official designations, the NAFTA Superhighway disappears in southern Indianapolis and limps along for 56 miles into Bloomington as Indiana State Highway 37. The MSU Spartans Men’s Basketball team recently travelled this route so that they can take on the Hoosiers of Indiana University this afternoon (4PM EST on ESPN) with the game to be called by Dave Flemming, Dan Dakich and Molly McGrath.

As for Assembly Hall?  It has been completely reimagined.  So in reality, the game is to be conducted on the floorboards of the newly dedicated Mccracken Court at [sic., Cindy] Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall with broadcast technology from the Mark Cuban Center for Media and Technology.  You got it right, your grand-father’s, father’s, brother’s, distant-cousin’s Assembly Hall is long gone.


Führerbunker just after end of WWII.


A Chair Toss by the Der Führer?

I have never liked Assembly Hall – especially for MSU B1G basketball games in January.  My image is a game played in the Führerbunker, on a cold gray overcast afternoon, resulting in double-digit loss after blowing an early lead and the contest effectively over at half-time.

My perception is that TI/MSU teams have suffered the fates I have imagined.  Well guess what? Not really true.  Likely fake news probably reported by Eyeore from the JustABum Media Center.

The Spartans have beaten IU five straight games and in four of the last six contested at Assembly Hall. It should be noted, that Indiana leads the all-time series with Michigan State, 67-53, including a 44-14 advantage in Bloomington. However, Tom Izzo is 23-13 in his career against Indiana. MSU has won 11 of the last 15 games in the series and 13 of the last 19.  The weather forecast is for partly sunny skies and a game-time temperature of 65 degrees.

So TUS Membership… describe your image of this contest and its outcome!


Okay We Know The Personnel – It is Your Team – What Are You Gonna Do?
Jan 17th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The MSU Men’s Basketball team is 12-7 (4-2 BIG).  The grind of the MSU B1G regular-season is put on hold for a mini-break with resumption this weekend against Indiana in Bloomington.

In a command decision, you have put in charge of the squad through the end of the year.

Tell us your plan (and be specific) so as to keep MSU’s NCAA Tourney streak alive.

MSU @ tOSU Gamethread: Continue the High Value at Value City Arena?
Jan 15th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Tom Izzo and USMC(retired) are on record: essentially saying real-growth means the Spartans travel to Columbus and finish off the Buckeyes in the same fashion as Minnesota on Wednesday?


A Nosedive in post topics: Croot’in!
Jan 14th, 2017 by JustABum

Now,  this long time reader thinks a post is overdue. The topic may not of interest because it touches on a few taboos, and I put my personal thoughts out to you for comments.

The reason I am posting is – Recruiting undervalued talent is the lifeblood of MSU football and the staff’s ability to develop talent brought MSU to the forefront of the CFB. In one year these acknowledge credits of Coach Dantonio’s program appear to have been forgotten. Perhaps due to the “one of the most disappointing teams of 2016 season” according to numerous Pundits. Locally, Chris Solari perpetuates this negativity, and man I sorely miss the days of Joe Rexrode as MSU’s beat writer. Who knows what he’d have written about this past football season.

For your convenience I am linking Solari’s article below, I know I can use the link here icon, but… and regrettably, I emailed Solari in the wrong state of mind. Below is my email, what say you?


Hello Chris, 
I enjoy your coverage of MSU sports. I also enjoyed Joe Rexrode’s and his correspondence to my queries. I hope you might  be so good to shed some light on a couple questions I have about your Antjuan Simmons commitment article.
Why does an article about a top-ten football player in Michigan announcing his commitment to MSU end with negative topics? 
When you wrote this article did you try to provide a balance in MSU’s recruiting season by using this commitment announcement to also mention targeted recruiting failures? Recalling another recruitment article over the years that concluded with missed targets fails me, as does the reason for doing it. In addition to the recruiting misses, quotes defending his decision are also in the article. Did someone ask him why he committed to a 3-9 football team or mentioned the “nosedive”during Antjuan’s press conference? 
Having worked in advertising and marketing communications for years, frequency and repetition create opinions. There are also arguments in selling that prove the last thing mentioned has the most impact and is remembered more often than not. There’s been more than a lot of negative news about MSU’s football that MSU helped create. Unfortunately, Antjuan, his family and friends my clip this article for a scrap book, but the conclusion of this young man’s commitment announcement is soiled by the last paragraphs of your article IMHO. 
Best regards,

Yeah, I would be shocked to get a reply… but Joe replied to more inflammatory correspondence.

Tigers – standing Pat?
Jan 11th, 2017 by USMC Retired

Interesting: The Tigers aren’t going to trade veteran players just to shed salary, general manager Al Avila re-emphasized Tuesday.


Are the Tigers too old to win anything in 2017



Dual function Thread: Will the Spartans of EFFORT show up tonight @1900R on BTN? Or, will the team, that look so lost in Philly, take the floor. my worry is that the Philly team shows up again because they already beat Minnie @Minnie without #22.


What say you TUS?

Spartan Women take on the Acorns tonight @2000R on BTN
Jan 10th, 2017 by USMC Retired

Suzy is back from her short hospitalization and Tori Jankoska  can do some special things this season, starting tonight by score just 6 points to take over the Career Scoring lead


Gibby is in the College Football HOF

CFP Championship GameThread
Jan 9th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

What is your prediction for the final score?

Lion Tamers in the Quaker State? – MSU @ PSU: Gamethread
Jan 7th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

palestra-building palestra-game

The Rollercoaster season for MSU’s Men’s Basketball 2016-2017 resumes with a road trip to the Quaker State of Pennsylvania where the Spartans (11-5 3-0) take on the Nittany Lions (9-7 1-2) at the fabled Palestra in Philadelphia. (1:00 PM EST ESPN).

Ninety years and six days ago (January 1, 1927) the Palestra hosted its first game as Penn beat Yale 26-15 before a capacity crowd of 10,000.  TUS is researching records to confirm Ted Valentine officiated the game and gathered and stood in front of all microphones at the scorers table to review a call during the 2nd half.

The Palestra has hosted more regular season or post-season NCAA men’s basketball games, more visiting teams, and more NCAA tournaments than any other U.S. arena.  During its hey-day Penn, Saint Joseph’s, Temple, La Salle & Villanova played all of their home games at the Palestra.

This contest will be the first B1G game ever played in the Palestra.

TUS is attempting to confirm Penn State President Eric J. Barron moved the contest from Happy Valley to Philadelphia in the hopes that JerseyJohn would attend the game and an armored SWAT team would hunt down and capture JJ dead-or-alive “once-and-for-all for the betterment of humanity.”  Barron says that Wikileaks publishing of a email from his university email-server stating $3.2B of PSU’s $3.5B Endowment is being allocated “to end this thing” is the result of a Russian Cyber Hack and that the amount is “over-stated.”

TUS Compliance Officer GoSt8Go says that TUS is ready to post up to a $10M Bond to secure JJ’s release should he survive the capture efforts.

What Day Is It?
Jan 3rd, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck


As Kindle so properly informed TUS Membership – the Calendar says it is 2017.  I am confused what day is today anyways?

A number of Quick-Draw-McGraw moves today?  Your thoughts?

  • The U.S. House of Representatives attempted to eliminate the independent Office of Congressional Ethics Committee but were effectively put under a Letter Press by all other breathing persons.
  • Lane Kiffen was fired from a position from which he recently quit.  Kiffen is being replaced by Steve Sarkisian as Offensive Coordinator.  Previously, Steve ultimately turned out to be offensive as Head Coach at the University of Washington and University of Southern California.
  • Tracey Claeys was fired as Head Coach of Minnesota.
  • Connor Cook may well have his first starting assignment in pro-football be a playoff game in Houston
  • Jabrill Peppers and 6,432 other UofM football players have apparently selected Jimmy Sexton as their agent.  Wonder why JP did not play against the Seminoles in the Orange Bowl?  Can you imagine the sight of Jim Harbaugh coaching a team on probation and ineligible for post-season play?
  • Scant news about the condition of MSU Woman’s BBall Head Coach Suzie Merchant after her fainting episode other than she has been released from the hospital and is “resting at home.”

Without utilizing external resources (RE-ZOR-SESS) can can you name Quick Draw’s Side Kick?

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